I designed Tribes for Speakeasy Stage Company in Boston in 2013.

Theater is a collaborative art, and Tribes was an amazing demonstration of that.  The show had a cohesiveness which I believe was due to all the actors, designers and the director all being on the same page throughout the whole process.

The overall concept of the projection design was to attempt to convey sound visually for those that could not hear it.  I worked very closely with the sound designer, Arshan Gailus, to be certain that the sound and projections were synced in a way that would enhance the show.  The scenic designer, Christina Tedesco, and I collaborated on a large element of the scenic design which was the four panels which formed the ceiling of the house, as well as served as the projection surfaces.  The lighting and projections existed in a color palette which the lighting designer, Annie Wiegand, and I worked to develop.  The director, Bevin O’Gara, provided very constructive feedback and a clear vision throughout the whole process, allowing many things to be taken care of before even getting into the theatre, allowing for finessing of the design during tech.

I unfortunately do not have many photos of the production due to the short tech process.  That being said, I do believe I got a few photos that convey some important parts of the design.  The show required supertitles for moments when the characters speak in sign.  Because the show was in the round, we had four surfaces around the playing area that allowed every audience member to read the supertitles clearly.  There were also supertitles which happened during interludes which I animated in a way that fit the song, such as the supertitle shown on a flowing ocean for an operatic song.  There was a song from Jungle Book “I wanna be like you” which I animated supertitles to in a playful manner that fit the song.  The four surfaces surrounding the space also allowed for the other projections moments to feel as though they were encompassing the entire space, such as the audio waveforms shown in the photos, among other moments where sound and projections were synced together.

Tribes was a very rewarding show to be a part of, and I am very proud of what our team created.

  • Please, hold my hand.
    Please, hold my hand.
  • Or in mercy let me die.
    Or in mercy let me die.
  • Waveform Warm
    Waveform Warm
  • Waveform Cool
    Waveform Cool