I designed Sugar for ArtsEmerson at the Jackie Liebergott Black Box Theatre in 2012

Sugar is a show about one woman’s journey through life and how her diabetes affected it.  There were a few moments when Robbie, the actress, talked about how she had diabetic attacks.  I worked with the production designer, Mirta Tocci, to enhance those moments with abstract depictions of cells.  At one moment, she described drinking some orange juice after having an attack, and the blood cells projected behind her went from black and white back to a saturated red to symbolize the orange juice balancing out her blood sugar.

Apart from the abstract images of cells, the projections were used to enhance other moments, such as to illustrate the trade of sugar across the Atlantic, as well as the mention of Jimi Hendrix.

My favorite projection element was actually during the preshow, where I animated an image of a heart to beat for the duration of the preshow.  I think it was a good subtle enhancement to preshow, that gave some movement to an otherwise static stage.

  • Abstract Cells 1
    Abstract Cells 1
  • Abstract Cells 2
    Abstract Cells 2
  • Abstract Cells 3
    Abstract Cells 3
  • Abstract Cells 4
    Abstract Cells 4
  • Abstract Cells 5
    Abstract Cells 5
  • Abstract Cells 6
    Abstract Cells 6
  • Diabetic Attack Cells
    Diabetic Attack Cells
  • Revived Cells
    Revived Cells
  • Sugar Trade
    Sugar Trade
  • Jimi
  • Preshow Heart
    Preshow Heart